Drills, spade bits, grinding & inox cutting wheels, sanding and finishing, masonry wheels and discs, hole saws, hole saw kits, hack saw blades, diamond drills, taps & dies, SDS masonry drills, chisel points, Auger bits, stainless pad locks, jig saw blades, reciprocating blades, small rotary saw blades for grinders, silicon guns, sausage guns, strapping and many more lines.


A comprehensive range of balustrade systems for your home, suitable for timber decks, concrete structures and other applications and materials, either hand swage or hydraulic swageing is available. You can use the system in the photograph above or we can supply a lag screw system suitable for timber or steel posts that does not require all the other fittings like turnbuckles, saddles thimbles and swagger and screws. Just hydraulically swage on these fittings in left and right hand and your done. Ask us for a demonstration.


Stainless chain in 316 grade.
Sizes: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8mm.
Larger sizes on demand.
Quick links for joining chain available.
DA Brads in gal and Stainless steel from DA 15 TO DA 25    C-SERIES and C1 series brads in electro galvinised  .A range of flooring and general purpose staples available.


Come in for a quote on anything you need fabricated, we cater for the smaller end of the market in stainless steel products like the table above, with tig and mig welding available at completive prices, tables, intermediate posts, bracket, and marine applications available.
Butt hinges, lift off hinges, broad butt, strap hinges, marine style hinges, Piano hinge, hairline hinges, scotch tee hinges, all in various sizes, zinc, gal & stainless steel
Need to seal or fix something?
We carry a range of Sika and H.B.Fuller products for most purposes, including a range of 2 pack epoxy glues, thread fixing glues, silicons, floor bond, gap fillers,101 super seal for control joints, bathroom and kitchen silicons and liquid construction adhesives.
Wire rope, in various types: 7x7, 1x19, 7x19 strand in 304 & 316 grade stainless steel. Cut to length sizes available. Most sizes available, 1.6, 2.0, 3.2, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0mm and larger if required.
Rod holders, cup holders, handles, Ballards, deck cleats, cabin hooks, latches, flush deck pulls, small pad bolts, cabin rails, rod holder mount cutting boards.
Our range of nails consists of 75mm x 3.15mm 34 deg framing gun nails also available in bright and galvanized & stainless steel. Also available in 21 and 28 deg to suit other nail guns. 
Coil nails in 15 deg and 0 deg, 32mm bracing nails to 50 mm, dome head decking nails in gal and stainless steel.
Hand nails: Bullet head, flat head, connector nails, clout, decking, cement sheet nails buy the gram or kg in bright, gal and stainless steel. 
Inhibits electrolytic corrosion between dissimilar metals, comes in a 115ml tube. 
Another fantastic product that inhibits electrolytic corrosion between dissimilar metals, like stainless and aluminum, but it is also an anti galling and seazing paste as well. Comes in a 30 gram syringe.
Let us quote you on this fantastic product available for pools, verandas and decks.
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We specialise in stainless steel hardware and all types of fasteners.
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Huge range of bolts, hex & cup/head, galvanized and stainless, cap screws in button head, countersunk, all threads up to 3 mt long, nuts, nyloc & standard, metal thread screws in pan & csk, self drilling screws, self tapping screws, in csk & button head, coach screws, flat and spring & cup washers, split pins, batten screws, type 17 self drilling screws, grub screws, pop rivets, nut serts (rivet nuts), R clips, lynch pins. Also we have a large range of Powers products like sleeve anchors, through bolts, csk and mushroom head spikes, hollow wall anchors, stainless sleeve anchors, drive pins, mickey pins,  hammer screws, screw bolts in zinc and galvanized, 22 & 27 Cal Powder drive charges, metric 8.8 high tensile bolts & set screws in zinc. 
D shackles, bow & long series, turnbuckles, eye bolts, snap clips, pad eyes, rings, d's, large range of hinges, clips, wire rope clamps, lag eye screws, lag screws, threaded eye screws, thimbles, angle brackets, dog clip, stainless letter boxes, lifting hooks, pulleys, cleats, grab rails, chain in stainless and galvanized, U bolts, pad bolts, hasp & staples, flush ring pulls, over center catches, cup hooks, eye hooks, hose clamps, stainless cable ties, post supports, triple grips, joist hangers and much more.


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